Oct 23, 2017


Dear Sweet Felicia from Lovelady, Texas...could you shoot me your email address (if you are so inclined) so that I might thank you properly for your wonderful gift?  I have searched my "Stitchy Sisters" file high and low and can't find anything for you.

Thank you very much,
Spinster Stitcher Mgmt., Inc.


Today, at 1:00 I am driving to the Jewish Federation of St. Joe County to hang my stitching for an exhibit and sale that my guild has been invited to attend.  I have about 50 pieces, I think...some for sale and some for show, and I'm a nervous wreck about it.

As you might know from reading this here blog, I suffer from a number of maladies...one of which is a bone-crushing lack of confidence in myself to carry on in the world like a semi-normal human being.  I seem to fumble my way from mishap to mishap with nothing but my cheery disposition and the help of several thousand angels, both near and far.

When it comes to this thing of ours, I suppose that the real truth of the matter is that I feel like a big fat fraud.  Nine years, four months, and fifteen days ago you let me into your community and as I scooted my little chair up to the table, I prayed "Please God, don't let these amazing people find out I don't know what I'm doing" as I broke out into my flop sweat and nervous circus monkey chatter.

But today my stuff is going to be on public display, and some of it is going to have price tags on it!  My only hope is that I can somehow manage to wedge it in between my stitchy sisters' stuff so that it will go unnoticed and uncriticized.

I suppose that this here post is my very long winded way of saying THANK YOU, Dearies, for being my soft place to fall all these years and for giving me a safe place to come be...me.  I suppose it really does say something about this family of ours that I can show you my stuff with nary a twitch, but the prospect of "outsiders" viewing it has me looking for a closet to duck into.

No actual stitching news to report.  We ended up watching lots of TeeVee, and then my sleepy eyes just decided to call it a night early.  I still have hopes of an hour in the cube room studio later this afternoon, though, so stay tuned!

Happy Monday to one and all!  We're off like a herd of nervous little turtles!

Oct 22, 2017


Rich went to early Mass and came home with the New York Times and Starbucks breakfast.  Remember the time he came home with bagels from the Martin's and I waxed rhapsodic for a week and a half?  Well, this was right up there.

We spent the day helping my sister and then grabbing a few things from the house (like my Notre Dame hockey jersey and the patio chairs) and then went to Bob Evans for a late lunch/early dinner.  Were it not for the fact that I ordered chicken fingers, I swear we were looking at our future....a drive in the car at about 35 miles an hour followed by dinner at 3:30.

So now we're home and I am in pajamas and ready for some reading, stitching, and TeeVee viewing.  I think tonight is the night that Jamie and Claire get...reunited...so I expect that I will be knee deep in the Outlander just as soon as somebody decides to hit the hay.

I have made the executive decision that tomorrow I will spend a minimum of one hour in the cube room studio...even if it's just to paw through my stash or to select something new to play with.  This no-stitching thing needs to stop and stop now.

Back in whack.  Eventually.  That's the goal anyway.  I'll let you know when we get there, but I wouldn't hold your breath too hard over it.  This IS me we're talking about after all.

Oct 21, 2017


I managed to get up early, shower, dress, and get to Missie Jane's church for a little stitchy time with my stitchy sisters Charlene and Jane.  I don't think I completed more than four or five actual stitches, but the company was perfect and just what this spinster needed on a Fall Saturday.

After a snooze, Rich and I are meeting up with my sister and doing a few errands before returning to CS2 for the Notre Dame/ USC game on the TeeVee tonight.  I am sure to put a lot if stitches in during the game since I prefer to listen rather than watch and the stitching will keep me calm and well behaved.


Other than that, not too much new news to report.  My health is...ugh, but each day that I am on the right side of the sod is a very good day indeed!  Absolutely nothing to complain about, Dearies.

Here's hoping that your very own Saturday is equally as blissful.  Do something fun and come tell me all about it.

Oct 20, 2017

Oct 19, 2017


Fall is certainly upon us here in Hoosierville, and this portly spinster is loving it!  Sweater weather, football, pumpkins, and naps with a cold breeze coming through the window with my face in the sun.

Lots of appointments and errands in the last few days have left me a bit tired, but there are more appointments and errands to be done today before I can hurtle head long into the weekend.  Then, it will be stitching with the girls at Miss Jane's church, the Notre Dame/USC game on the TeeVee, and then spaghetti and meatballs on Sunday after Mass.

Today, though, is only Thursday.  So I need to focus on the task(s) at hand and get some things accomplished.  One of them is to get over to that bookstore and stitch.  Needle and thread have been scarce around these here parts lately, and that just simply has to change.  Period.

So that's the report from the friendly confines of the Happy Chair today, Dearies.  What's new in your neck of the woods?

Oct 17, 2017


Dear Starbucks,

Oh how I love you so.  I especially love you in this perfectly perfect in every way white ceramic cup that holds the perfect amount of Cafe Verona with Spenda and cream.

See how pretty you look sitting in the morning sun while I pretend to be somebody with something to do other than go to the lab and doctors offices today?

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life, dear Starbucks.  Without you, I would be very very sad and very very sleepy.

With love,
The Spinster Stitcher

Oct 16, 2017


Rich is walking and I am stitching and sipping the most delicious thing ever...a vanilla hazlenut cold brew coffee from the Einstein's bagel joint at the Notre Dame bookstore.

I really love coming here.  Makes me want to browse the stacks and get something stimulating.

Happy Monday, Dearies!  I hope that your day was wonderfully swell...mine sure was!


Oct 15, 2017


It's cold, rainy, and very very grey today here in Hoosierville.  A simply perfect day to stay in the Happy Chair and do my thing.  I awoke feeling poorly and with hands and feet swollen like balloons in the Macy's parade, so methinks that my penance will be lots of water, some stitching, and a ban of anything remotely related to salt.

Play time is over, unfortunately, and I need to pay better attention to what I'm doing if I want to stay out of that dialysis chair a little longer.  I confess to being a bit bad with some of my meal selections, so...back on the wagon I go.  Back to fruits and veggies, my morning bagel, and an OCCASIONAL treat like chicken wings or a cheeseburger.

And water.  Did I mention lots and lots of water?

Other than that, life continues to be swell here in the Little House That Love Built.  We're in a quiet, easy routine that is a lovely and welcome addition to what was previously a quiet, easy, (but a bit lonely) routine.  I babble on aimlessly, Rich watches the TeeVee, and then we get on with the business of living.

This week will be full of labwork and appointments and Rich's birthday on Thursday.  Plans are afoot for a special dinner out and then a cake made entirely of chocolate (per request).  I am completely stumped as to what to get him for a gift, but I'm sure something will come to me in the next day or two.

Here's hoping that your neck of the woods is peaceful and happy and that your needles are flying!  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


Oct 14, 2017


We're having a cozy, quiet morning.  Rich will make something wonderful for dinner (I requested spaghetti and meatballs) and I will go to library guild and lunch with my stitching ladies.  All I need to do is finish the paper and puzzles, grab a shower, and then pack my little stitchy bag and I'm out the door.

Eugenie (the would be my right breast...the left is Beatrice) is fine, but a bit sore.  I gave her an ice pack for a bit last night and methinks there will be minimal bruising.  I will have my family doc take a double look when I go in for my flu shot, but for now I think all is well in that particular department.

The poor girls...between the annual smooshing in the mammograms, the daily restraint of the Fruit of the Loom brassiere contraption, and now this...it's any wonder they haven't made a run for it further than they have. (I discovered that they both have an unfortunate shoe fetish, because sometime in my late 30's they seemed to want to migrate and spend all their time "southward".)

(Oh gravity, you heartless bee-yatch.)

Speaking of boobs...I will be a very big one if I don't take advantage of a rainy Saturday afternoon to get some serious stitching done.  I feel so completely out of sorts and know it's because needle and thread have been so idle.  Must. Fix. That.

Toot sweet.

OK...back to the cozy morning.  Rich looks like he needs a second cup of damn good, and I love having him here to be able to get it for him!  It also makes me feel less guilty for having a second of my own...

Happy Saturday, my Dearies!  I hope you are able to enjoy every single moment of it and that your heart is singing with something wonderful!

Oct 13, 2017


Well, I suppose it had to happen to somebody, so it might as well be Yours Truly.  

Guess who decided to get hit in the right boozoomba with a hockey puck tonight?

There we were at the Notre Dame vs. Denver game...section one, row two, seats eleven and twelve.  We were watching the pre-game warm up when an errant puck flew over the glass and hit me square in the right chest.

It knocked the breath right out of me and at first I thought I had been shot, but then I looked down and saw the puck in my lap and then kind of realized what had happened.

I'm fine...will probably have a nice bruse tomorrow, but at least now I can say I got that out of the way and can enjoy future games without too much worry.

After all...what are the chances that it could happen again?

The offending article:


Not one stitch.

I really did think I would spend the day with needle and thread, but I ended up snoozing and vegging in front of the TeeVee instead and then met a friend for dinner while Rich watched the Eagles.

So today has started slow...it's still early (for me) and I'm still getting my wits about me.  There's really nothing too exciting on my agenda today, but I am looking forward to a hockey game tonight and library guild tomorrow.

(And a cheeseburger!)

The weekend is almost upon us again, Dearies.  I hope that yours is full of everything that makes your heart sing!

Oct 12, 2017


Somebody keeps making an appearance in my head today.

I'm wondering if it's the time of year, or the flannel sheets on the bed, or the fuzzy blankets that have made their way to the Happy Chair again.

No matter the cause...I'm just happy to remember him with so much love in my heart I think it will burst.  The tears have been coming easily this morning...methinks my poor tired self is a bit on overload and needs another cup of damn good, a hot shower, and then a day in the Happy Chair with needle and thread.

Here's hoping that your very own Thinking Thursday is full of good memories and pleasantness and all that is swell!  Do something fun (or thoughtful) and come tell me all about it!

Oct 11, 2017


This was the project for Elkhart EGA on Monday night.  It's a lovely little chart from Laura J. Perin called Autumn Square, and I am loving it!  I've missed canvaswork, and this was the perfect thing to give me a little break from Red Velvet Cake.

('Scuse my wonky tacks and too small stretcher bars...I only had 7's in my stash and this required 8's.)

Oct 10, 2017

Finally!  A graphic depiction of the story of me.  I've been sitting here pondering things today, and moments ago I looked up at the clock with a bit of a jolt and realized that I had just spent the better part of an entire day wondering "what if".

I wouldn't trade that squiggle on the right for anything, I promise you, but I have to admit that the total loss of controlled plan has been...interesting.

Maybe it's age.  Maybe it's just exhaustion.  But, for the first time in my life I am actually enjoying the squiggle.  I kinda like not knowing where this crazy train is going to take me next.  There have been parts of the trip that made me want to jump overboard and swim for safety, but the last few months have been rather fun.

If my days are this funny and happy and joyful despite my physical self feeling like death on a stick, I can only imagine how much trouble I'm going to get into when healthy!  I don't imagine that I will completely change course and become a sky diving motorcycle riding dare devil, but you just never know.

Stitching and TeeVee viewing will commence as soon as Rich returns from his walk.  He is also grabbing sandwiches and a haircut while out, so I have a few more minutes to ponder, I suppose.

Tuesday has come and gone, almost.  Let Futzingday Eve begin!

Oct 8, 2017


Today I learned what it must have been like to be Stewey...minus the crazy spinster wanting to kissy kissy face you every fifteen minutes.  I moved from patch of sunlight to patch of sunlight, drank water when I was thirsty, and curled up and did nothing but look adorable all day long.

Well...maybe not adorable, exactly...but you get the idea.

Rich ran to the Martin's  and got me chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, pound cake and ginger ale, and now that I've had a little dinner, I am settled into the Happy Chair with my stitching for the duration of the evening.  I had planned on a new start today, but the truth of the matter is that I am still enjoying Red Velvet Cake enough to stick with it a bit longer.

Tomorrow will be a busy day...doc and EGA South Bend guild meeting in the morning and then EGA Elkhart guild meeting in the evening.  I think Rich is already looking forward to a whole day and night of peace and quiet!

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the north in Canada!  I hope that you all had a simply wonderful holiday weekend and that you were able to do everything your heart desired.


If I didn't know better, I'd say I have the flu.

But I know better.

Such fun was had on Friday night.  We went for dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant and then to the hockey game.  I knew I liked Italian food, but I didn't realize how much I love watching hockey!  (I don't know a darn thing about the nuances of the game...much like every other sport...but I truly enjoyed watching all of the action).

Yesterday was a mess.  I never really made it out of bed and just felt lousy all day long.  I managed a few loads of laundry and a hot bath, but not much else.  Even stitching seemed like too much for my befuddled little brain to bear.

Today is much the same.  Rich has gone to Mass without me, I'm afraid, but I am completely determined to get a needle and thread in my hand...stat!  Whatever this is will just have to be patient for a while.  I have stitching to do today and nothing is going to get in the way of that.

For all of my doc and nurse friends...I have called my nephrologist and will see her tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, I know to watch for signs of uremia and get to an ER if things progress.  I'm being careful and compliant...I promise you.

So that's the Sunday morning report, Dearies.  Thank you for your lovely comments about my mom.  She really was something special, and I feel happy just to be able to share a little bit of her with you.

Now...onward!  The sun is shining, the football is footballing, and the Spinster is soon to be stitching!

Oct 7, 2017


Today my mom would be 84 years old.  This seems impossible to imagine, since she died when she was only 54.  I think she would still be elegant and funny and smart and generous and kind and my biggest cheerleader.  I know for a fact that she would still be needlepointng and caring for her ferns and futzing about the house to make it home and beautiful. She had the ability to walk into a room and make instant friends with everybody in it, and I remember her smile and her laugh and her beautiful skin, and I miss her every day.

So, Happy Birthday Vaceila Helen Loukos Rich.  You left us too soon but will be in our hearts forever.

Oct 6, 2017


I was decidedly unwell last evening....probably just a disagreement with something I ate, but it made for a rather unpleasant night of no stitching and then tossing and turning.  I feel much much better this morning, though, and am really looking forward to dinner and a Notre Dame hockey game.

As I told Misses Charlene and Jane...if nothing else, you have to give Rich credit for getting me back on campus and wearing my ring again.  I was so mad at my beloved ND and had decided that I was finished with them, but going back to Mass and trips to the Grotto have reminded me that there is still some gold under all that tarnish.

Today will be a quiet day once I gather my wits.  I intend to sit in the Happy Chair and stitch while catching up on all of the TeeVee shows I am too embarrassed to admit watching to anybody except you...Housewives, Jax and Brittany, Flipping Out...oey.

(If anybody asks, I am a dedicated watcher of public television and all things intellectual, OK?)

So that's it for today, Dearies.  We seem to have made it through another week, with the weekend here upon us.  I hope that it finds you well, in the company of somebody you love, and with needle and thread in hand...stitching to your heart's content if that's your thing!

Thank you for the lovely notes about my new profile picture...I'm trying not to loathe my photograph so much (which I suppose is my whackadoodle way of saying I'm trying not to loathe my own face, too!)

(They really should make pills for this.)

Oct 5, 2017

Oct 4, 2017


I awoke feeling very nostalgic for all things lost today...my Little, the way the light used to come into CS1, autumnal decorations, and that feeling that Fall was finally here.

So I decided to take a little trip back in time...here are a few shots from Octobers past:

As soon as the chores are complete and the paperwork and bills have been dealt with, methinks I might close my eyes for a snoozy nap and pretend it's 2009 again.

Here's hoping that your very own Futzingday is lovely and peaceful and full of memories that make you happy!

Oct 3, 2017



Riddle me this, Batman:

My kidney numbers are terrible.  According to my doc moments ago, they are worse than they've ever been.  Creatine, BUN, phosphorus, hemoglobin, GFR...all terrible.

So why do I feel so darn good?

Aside from fatigue (which is something I've had since forever ago), I am somehow managing to get up each day and do very happy, healthy, enjoyable things.  I am laughing and walking and cooking and stitching and futzing and watching the TeeVee and eating chicken wings and drinking enough water and iced tea to float a barge, and when the weather permits (like today), I am doing the whole Happy Manatee thing without a care in the world.

OK.  I confess that I have my moments, and when they strike I head to the big girl sleigh bed for a snooze, but why am I not flat out on the mat right now waiting for the nice people to come take me away to the dialysis center?

I always knew that I was dumb as an box of doorknobs and strong as a bull, but this is a little nuts even for me.

So I have decided to take the sage advice of Dr. Wayne Dyer and henceforth will STOP looking at numbers on a computer screen to tell me how I feel.  The truth of the matter is that today I feel wonderful, and there are things to do and thoughts to think and ponderings to ponder.

Rich and I will head over to campus this afternoon for a walk.  I will park myself on a bench (or inside the bookstore cafe) and he will do the walking part for now.  I can't quite keep up with him these days, but an hour at a bookstore will be a real treat.  I think I might wander into the textbook section to see what the kids in my major are reading. Who knows?  Maybe it's time tor me to re-visit a few old friends and give those Great Books another go!

That's the report for the day, Dearies.  No stitching to show...we were too wrapped up in TeeVee viewing last night and I was too comfy on the sectional to leave it for the Happy Chair.  Maybe today, though.  Red Velvet Cake just doesn't seem to be stitching itself no matter how hard I wish it to be so!

Oct 2, 2017


One of the hazards of living in the Spinster Stitcher bubble is that I have become completely oblivious to what is going on in the world.  Quite some time ago, I made the conscious decision to unplug and not watch the news.  I do read the paper each morning, but usually only skim the stories briefly before trying my hand at the puzzles.

This makes for a calm and happy life, but as I blathered on aimlessly on a Monday morning after the worst mass casualty shooting event in US history, I just looked...detached.

We studiously avoid the negative or provocative or troublesome on this here blog, and as you know, I leave politics, sex, religion, and anything else controversial to other outlets.  This is just supposed to be a soft place to fall in the midst of big hard things going on in my life, but I am sorry that my post this morning was so damn...clueless.

The truth of the matter is that I didn't know about what had happened in Las Vegas until I arrived at the lab and saw it on the television there.  My heart stopped and then broke, and I sat with the other folks in the waiting room thinking about and praying for the victims, the injured, the first responders, the families, the people that live and work there, and all of us here needing the strength, courage, and wisdom to come up with a solution to this (and many other) issues.

If you've been affected in any way...may God keep and bless you today and always. 


Well, here we are on the first Monday in October.  The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and I am struggling to get my wits about me so that I can begin the week.  Not much going on here in Hoosierville.  We went to Mass and then lunch and came home for the football and a nice long nap.

(That would be me...with the napping.)

Today will be a labwork and errand day, and then tomorrow will be a visit with nephrology to see how I'm progressing and to get my Aranesp shot. (Aranesp is a drug that boosts red blood cells and that costs a gazillion and a half dollars a drop.)

(And it's the drug that Lance Armstrong took.)

(But I look nothing like Lance Armstrong and am pretty sure I would be a spastic disaster on a bicycle.)

Little progress on RVC. 'Scuse the needle and thread, please:

I know that I SHOULD get into my studio and futz and rummage and rummage and futz to come up with a basket of things Halloweenie and Autumnal to play with, but I seem to be stuck in a monogamous mode of stitching lately that I'm finding soothing.

Odd, no?

Well, I suppose I had better scoot.  These labs aren't going to draw themselves and that prescription at the Targets isn't going to magically appear on my doorstep.  But that would be fantastically swell, wouldn't it?

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy, Dearies!  A new week is upon us...let's see what adventures await!

Oct 1, 2017


Eight o'clock on a Sunday morning, and I am not only AWAKE...I am having to contemplate the prospects of going to church again.

I only have one "good" outfit!  

Sheesh...this whole being a normal human adult thing is not what it's cracked up to be.  My wardrobe as a hermit spinster was much simpler: inside sweatpants, outside sweatpants, inside pajamas, outside pajamas. Guild clothes.

Good thing Stewey's not here, or I'd be out looking for a pillbox hat and gloves.

Sep 30, 2017


The bed is made, the kitchen tidied, couch cushions fluffed, chili is in the crockpot, and I am showered and semi-dressed for the day's festivities.  Rich had his workout at the gym here at the apartment complex and will settle in for the football.  I'm going to read the papers and get stitching.

Saturday Spinster bliss...indeed.

Sep 29, 2017


You'll notice that my tootsies are covered in a blanket that SOMEBODY used to have on his perch.  I am getting a great deal of comfort out of the darn thing and don't feel at all strange that my choice of afghan came from PetSmart.

I slept in quite late this morning, so now I'm getting my wits about me before heading out to hither and yon running errands and then home again to tidy things up a bit before Rich returns.

I am, however, happy to report that I have come to my senses vis a vis chicken wings.  They really were delicious and didn't disagree with me one bit (thank goodness), but methinks they need to be an occasional treat rather than some crazy culinary tangent that I go off on, much like the great doughnut adventure of 2004.  I have been so careful and so "good" with respects to getting ready for a new kidney that it would be completely stupid to screw that up now.

In the interest of expediency...I receive several dozen emails a week asking about this...my journey to a new kidney has many different paths.  The very best possible outcome would be an exact match from my sister and a pre-emptive transplant very soon.  (We are praying for her to be able to complete her testing and possibly head to Indy as early as November.)  The second best outcome is that she is not a match to me, but donates onto a chain and I receive a paired donation from someone who is. (This could also be very fast...as quickly as the chain of donors and recipients could be assembled.)  The third best option is a kidney from a cadaver (I am on the UNOS list as of a few months ago).  This wait would be rather lengthy, since I am a rare blood type and there are 100,000 plus patients waiting. (I think it would be about seven years.)  And the very worst case scenerio would be going on dialysis and never finding a kidney. 

In the meantime, I do my very best to be as compliant and healthy as I can be, and I keep my hopes and thoughts in the Happy Land of Make Believe.  I try to eat right, drink gallons of water, get a little exercise when I can, and rest rest rest rest rest.  Stitching, my guild sisters, keeping in touch with all of you, and this new romance all ensure that I will be a very happy, ornery, crazy old lady indeed.

So whatever it is that you're all doing...please continue it.  Your love and friendship and encouragement and support have saved me and gotten me here, and althought I will never be able to thank any of you properly I know that I can say with a straight face that I'm here because of it.

Friday is upon us, Dearies!  Let's all do something fun and come tell each other about it!


Sep 28, 2017


More specifically, I have learned (as of this evening) that I simply ADORE Hooters naked Daytona chicken  wings.  I had them, along with a sensible salad, and I've been sitting here for the last two hours wondering if it would be unseemly to claim a forgotten errand and then high-tail it back there for another round.


As a single hermit spinster this would not have been a difficult decision.

But as a newly coupled, desperately seeking perfection, and God forbid this man discovers I'm actually an entirely flawed bowl of nuts...methinks I should just delicately sip my lemon water and pretend to be interested in the TeeVee viewing selections coming from the other side of the sectional.

I can promise you, though, that first thing tomorrow I will be planning my entire schedule around hitting that Hooters for lunch.  I have to get labwork done, and it just so happens that the Hooters is practically in the parkng lot of the lab.

Gee...wonder if that's a sign?

No stitching tonigt, Dearies.  The headache is at about a level 4, and I really don't want to push my luck with the eye strain and the bright light.

We're hurtling head long into the weekend!  Labwork, bank, grocery, and car wash tomorrow, and then it's home for chili and cornbread, the ND/Miami of Ohio game on Saturday, and then a little bruch action after Mass on Sunday.  Sure is a lot different than my previous weekend norm...no?


Yesterday was just what the doctor ordered.  A full day of rest, followed by a good night's sleep, and then it was "Hello, Sunshine!" bright and early this morning.  The breeze is cool and lovely and I am looking forward to a day of happy things indeed.

Rich and I are spending a lot of time on campus lately, and I am back to wearing my ring and feeling good about Notre Dame.  Moments ago I pointed out Walsh Hall...my dad's senior year dorm, and it brought back the memory of a campus visit when I was in sixth or seventh grade and Dad and Mom and Chrissy and I were strolling about.  Dad was telling us stories about his time here when we came upon Walsh.  

"This is where I lived my Senior year", he said as we approached the front door. "Let's go check out my old room to see how things look after all this time."

And with that, the front doors opened and a herd of undergraduate women poured out.  As Dad reached for the door to enter behind them, one turned and said "I'm sorry, Sir.  This is a women's dorm and we have visiting hours and men are not permitted."

My poor dad was crushed.

But Mom reminded him that were it not for the admission of women, Chrissy and I wouldn't be able to follow in his footsteps eventually and that he should be happy that we would be able to do so.

And then we had ice cream and hot dogs and all was well once again.

I've had a very interesting relationship with this place, but I honestly think I'm turning a corner.  I guess it took a guy from New Jersey to remind me that a girl from Ohio had her roots here all along and that I needed to stop looking at the tarnish and look for the gleam of that Golden Dome once again.

So that's the report from the Happy Land of Glitter and Make Believe, kids.  I hope your Thursday is lovely and that you find your very own gleam wherever you can find it!

Sep 27, 2017


Felled by a burrito.

Yup.  After an unexpected early morning errand, I decided to treat myself to a Sonic breakfast burrito before returning to CS2.  It was positively delicious, and it made me wonder why I don't have them more often.

Now I remember.

Between a drop in hemoglobin, a radical change in the weather, end stage renal failure, and my idiot breakfast selection, I spent the majority of the day under the covers in the big girl sleigh bed.

I did, however, manage to get up and shower a few moments ago, and Rich (bless his heart) made a run to the Martin's for a Sprite.

Here's last night's progress on RVC:

If all goes well, I'm hoping for more this evening!

Here's hoping that things in your corner of the world are less..queasy...and that your needles are flying!  Do something fun and exciting and come tell me all about it.

Sep 26, 2017


Red Velvet Cake
Glendon Place
28ct Opal by Picture This Plus
Dinky Dyes silks

Sep 25, 2017


I had a very brief break in the headache cluster, but yesterday afternoon it roared back with a vengeance.  A brief nap and a cold compress on my neck, and it was down to a Category 3 storm, which allowed me to sit upright and watch a movie.

But not stitch.

I am craving an entire day in the Happy Chair with Red Velvet Cake.  I think the reason why I am not growing tired of it is the fact that I'm not getting to play with it every day and each moment that I do is very precious indeed.

Today I'm going to play Real Housewife of Hoosierville and tidy things up around here before hitting the pool and then returning in time for a pre-dinner nap. I know that this sounds like a leisurely day in theory, but I would much rather be running around Mach Five with my hair on fire being the boss of everybody.  That was so much more fun, and at least made me feel semi-productive.

God willing, this is a week without any doctor visits!  Very rare, to be sure, so methinks we will celebrate with cake.  I haven't baked in the kitchen here at CS2, so maybe I'll bust out the measuring cups and bundt pan and have some fun.  The layout and counter space here are vastly different than the house (uh, duh...this is an apartment and that was a house), but I know I can MacGiver a solution to anything that comes my way.

Finally, Stewey made an appearance in last night's dream again.  This time, he was wearing a little straw hat and wearing a lovely little seersucker suit, and we were all having a picnic.  I was passing dishes of this and that, and he and Rich were discussing the finer points of WWE (which I think has something to do with costumed characters wrestling?).  Chrissy and Bosco were romping around with a ball, and I could hear my mom and dad laughing (but I couldn't see them). All I remember is that I felt so peaceful and happy that everybody was getting along and that there was potato salad.

I love potato salad.

So that's it for today.  Just me and my domestic bliss and usual neurosis.  Monday is upon us once again, my friends!  Let's make it a good one!

Sep 24, 2017



Mass was actually very beautiful, and I'm very glad that we went, but there were a few minor hiccups.

(Wait a minute.  Have we MET?!  There were a few majorly catastrophic hicups, and the shame and humiliation of them will follow me to my death.)

(Which will probably happen prematurely because I am a nutjob of epic proportions and can stress myself into a stroke with the best of them, or my poor old broken down porty body will finally once and for all say "Eh...screw it" and give up the ghost.)

Error #1: wardrobe.

Rich, of course, looked completely dashing in black slacks and a black golf shirt.  I (you guessed it) looked like a total schlumpadink in my seersucker pants and old lady big top.

Which was also black.

This in itself wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have the movie playing in my head all the time about being so completely inept in the public, because somewhere between the opening procession of priests and the whole welcome to church thing, I thought "My God.  We look like the freaking Addams family."

Error #2: throwing away the weekly issue of "Today's Catholic" that gets stuffed in my mailbox every Tuesday without reading it.

THEY CHANGED STUFF!!  And by stuff, I mean how you're supposed to respond and pray and gesture and....

Holy crap.  51 years of saying and doing the same stuff, and they go and change it up on me.

Error #3: not getting the damn handicap tag so that I can park closer than eighteen miles away

Much like the scooter at the grocery store, I refuse to get one of those damn placards.  I keep telling myself that they are only for people that really need them, but then I try to walk more than seven feet in 90 degree heat and I want to die.

(Which would be convenient, since the Basilica is where I hope my funeral will be.)

So now we're home.  The laundry is sploshing, the footballers are footballing, and I am contemplating a nap, some pool time, and some stitching (in that order).  With any luck I'll have a full seven days before we do this all over again.

Happy Sunday, Dearies!  Hope you are doing whatever makes you happy today!


Heading to 10:00 mass at the Basilica.  

If you're my family reading this, I go to mass every single Sunday, confession twice a week, and observe every high holy day on the calendar.

But for the rest of you...pray for me.

It's been a while, and I'm concerned that I will have forgotten the secret handshake or that they've come up with some sort of new system of things that will make it blatantly obvious I haven't a clue what I'm doing.

I pray and I try to be a decent and kind a loving human being, but over the years I have fallen away from the more formal aspects of things and just hoped for the best.

But now?  Now it's time to find a decent pair of pants and some shoes and a top that won't make me sweat too much and go do my Catholic thing.


So that's the report on a Spinster Sunday, Dearies.  Once the smells and bells have concluded we're off like a herd of turtles to watch more of the football and then home for some stitching.

Speaking of...here's the progress from yesterday:

Sep 23, 2017


I'm reading "A Spool of Blue Thread" by Anne Tyler and we're having Italian sausage and peppers for dinner.  For the most part, I am getting back into routine today...stitching, blogging, reading, cooking, sleeping.

Tomorrow...I haven't a clue.  For the first time in a long while I'm happy to just live in the moment and not fret about the next adventure.  Will miracles never cease?



I did make it to the pool late yesterday afternoon and had a delightful few hours of doing my exercises and looking at the clouds.  It was just what ths spinster needed.

Today's agenda is stitching for me, the football for Rich, and maybe something fun for dinner later for both of us.  Notre Dame comes on at 8pm, so I suppose there will be time for some floating if I'm so inclined.

Other than that...just a quiet Saturday in these here parts.  What's new with you?

Sep 22, 2017


OK. Last appointment for the week is finally finished.  I got a great report: weight down almost 20 pounds since my friend's arrival, blood pressure 110/64, and today the headache is only at a level 6 instead of the usual 19.

All in all I'm a happy girl.

Oh who am I kidding?  I am a deliriously happy girl.  To be at this stage of the disease and not having to go to dialysis is more priceless to me that I can tell you.  And all of the extra stuff that arrived with Rich?  Just icing on the cake it would seem.

My only beef with myself is my lack of stitching and reading progress, so I aim to remedy that this afternoon.  I just don't know about the pool today.  The heat and I just don't get along.  At all.  So I'm wondering if I can park it in the Happy Chair with the new stack of books I brought home, lots of ice water, and a little Red Velvet Cake until Rich comes home this evening.

So that's the Friday report, Dearies.  I will leave you for now with the hopes that your own corner of the world is perfectly swell and that you are doing exactly what you want to be doing today!


One last appointment this week and then we're hurtling headlong into the weekend.  It's supposed to be hot as You Know What here in Hoosierville, so I am planning on lots of fluids and some quality Happy Manatee time in the pool.

I'm also hoping for plenty of stitching time, and I think the weekend's TeeVee football viewing will provide ample opportunity.  Between Notre Dame/Michigan State on Saturday and the Eagles on Sunday, I should get at least a stitch or two completed, no?

So we're off.  Here's hoping that your neck of the woods is swell and that your needles are flying!  Do something fun and then...you know what to do.

Sep 21, 2017


I guess I need to address the proverbial elephant (or in this case, Jack Russell terrier wearing a silk smoking jacket and tapping his paw impatiently) in the room.

No less than 174 of you noticed that my blog posts containing every detail of my Spinster romance  have been removed and that I have studiously avoided the topic for a whole 48 hours now.

As much as I would love to tell you that this is the result of some catastrophic break-up and I am now awoman  scorned and looking for a bunny to boil, the truth is that Stewey (in the form of a dream/vision) is to blame.

There he was...smelling of baby shampoo and tsk-tsking over his evening sherry.  

"Mo-ther.  While I am somewhat comforted by the idea that you are not left to your own devices down there, I need to remind you that your real life is not a romantic comedy and you look nothing like Meg Ryan.  And, although I highly approve of your new addition of a mate, you...my dear...are not a character in some crazy performance.  You are a real live person who has now decided to have a full blown relationship with another real live person.  And, while I completely understand that your daily drivel is your way of engaging with the world and it literally and figuratively saved your life, you should keep at least one small detail of your new life between you and your new beaux.  I suspect that he is just too damn polite to say so, but you blathering every detail of this to the world (or the seven people who read your blog) is indeed a very serious violation of what should be private and personal between you."

With that, he whipped out a large manilla folder from his little valise and reminded me that things become a lot less fun once the lawyers get involved.  (You might remember that Stewey employed an entire team of legal professionals and public relations specialists to keep my shenanagins at bay, and this folder and its contents reminded me of that fact.)

So, dear friends.  My Jersey Boy is still here.  He has not broken my heart and continues to be my dream come true in every way.  But, if you'll allow, I'm going to get back to the business of stitching and bumble-clucking my way through my quiet little life and sharing THAT with you, while keeping "Rich and Coni Happily Ever After" to myself.

But I promise you...the very minute something catastrophic or wonderful happens you will all be the first to know.  


I didn't put needle to fabric yesterday, but I did spend a fair amount of time thinking about stitching.

Flosstube and the Facebook have become such wonderful sources of inspiration, but I am itching to browse among threads and charts and linens (oh my!) at the House of Stitches.  If it wasn't so darn hot outside, I would contemplate a quick trip over to get my fix, but alas, I need to stay put and finish out the week with more appointments.

I do, however, intend to hit JoAnn's later for some felt.  Miss Danielle showed several gorgeous pieces of it, and since I too use strips of it under my q-snap clamps, I thought I would replenish my supply.

My weekend task will be a major going through of all of my finished projects.  I have three different things I intend to do with them, but first I need to spread them out and sort.  I'm pretty sure we're gonna need a bigger boat for this task, kids, since there are three big bins of stuff to be pawed.

Isn't it funny how some folks collect photographs of their life events and some of us mark the passage of time with our projects?  I think it will be interesting to flip through each of them and remember what I was doing or where I was doing it or the time of year.  (Chances are the answers will all be the same for the first two...drinking dietCoke in the Happy Chair at CS1).

Speaking of...I was there yesterday to water the plants (that I need to move over to the apartment eventually) and  apparently decided that it had been a while since my last nervous breakdown.

Just when I think I'm good, the waterworks start all over again.  I think it has to do with seeing Stewey's spot empty in front of the window, or walking into the bedroom and finding it completely empty instead of ready for a snoozy nap.  I know I need to just let it go once and for all and be grateful that I had such a wonderful fifteen years there, but my poor tender heart keeps forgetting that and just decides to crack open every now and then.

This darn headache situation is not helping matters any, but I have finally gotten it down to a dull roar.  If things go well at my 1:00 today, I will come home, don my swimming costume, and head to the pool for a plunge.  There's something about that cool water that really does the trick, and I am definitely seeing the benefits of moving around a little more with increased flexibility.  It still takes me a minute to get moving in the morning, but I am thinking that fact is more attributable to age than it is to end stage renal failure.

On that front, many of you have asked about my exact status.  I am presently Stage Five and at 11% kidney function.  I am listed on the UNOS list for a cadaver kidney and am also hoping for a kidney from my sister or someone on a paired donor chain.  I am not yet on dialysis, and am hoping to avoid it altogether with a pre-emptive transplant, but there are a few more steps that need to be taken before that can happen.  The good news is that I have completed all of my testing and have done everything IU has required of me, so now it's just a matter of waiting.  Physically, I'm completely shot and can tell that I am failing pretty rapidly, and emotionally I'm just...terrified.  But I know that I'll muddle through, since I am made of hearty peasant stock and that's what we do.

That's it for a rambly Thursday.  I'll leave you with a repeat photo of my Little...one of my favorites from a year ago.  Seems almost impossible that it's been that long some days, and then again, I feel like it was a million years ago.

Cheerio, my dears.  Do something fun and magical and come tell me all about it!